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Join Our Team

We believe in treating people well. No employee works on holidays, each shift is 4 hours per day (or less), and as an employee with Vegas Valley Food Tours, you will meet the best people in the world (our guests) and hang out in the fabulous community of Downtown Las Vegas!

Tour Guide – Downtown Las Vegas


Vegas Valley Food Tours is Hiring!
Are you a good communicator?
Do you like “most” people?
Do you love Vegas history & culture?
Can you tell a great story & make people laugh?
Do you enjoy learning & talking about food?
Do you have a memory like an elephant?
If you said “YES” to all of the above, this may be the job for you!
Pay: Once hired and trained, Tour guides can average between $60 – $150 per tour depending on number of guest and tips. All tours are nearly three hours longs. A tour guide is not expected to guide more than one tour a day.


When you are ready, click “APPLY HERE” and respond to the below questions:

1) A witty explanation (max. 500 words) of why you would be a perfect food tour guide
2) If you have experience as a teacher or facilitator, please let us know about it in a brief sentence or paragraph.
3) Indicate what days of the week you are available (including weekends)
4) Describe any international traveling experiences
5) In the “tell us something about you” section below, please provide: Your last name, first name, and mention Tour Guide Application 2017.
Also, in the tell us something about you section below, complete the five (5) steps above. Your application will not be considered if you do not complete the above steps. DO NOT send more than one email or inquire once we have received you application. Please do not call or email us to check your status. Every submitted application will be reviewed. We will only contact applicants who meet our criteria for an interview. If you are not available to lead tours from January 2017 – December 2017 in some capacity, please do not apply.


We are always looking for new talent to join our team.

  • You are required to own a mobile phone
  • You are required to have a desk top/laptop with internet
  • You are required to check your emails (1) time daily

If we see you as being a good fit, we will send you an email with your interview (date, time, location, etc.), what you can expect when we meet, and more details on training and eventual employment.