The “New Brooklyn” in Troy New York

on November 22, 2016

I like to eat when I travel and one of the best ways to get the best bang for your foodie buck is on a food tour. As a food tour owner, I am fortunate enough to have friends in the business all over the world hosting mouthwatering experiences for the foodie inside all of us.

At a recent food tour conference in the beautiful city of Seattle, I was able to meet the owner of Taste of Troy Food Tours, Amy Koren- Roth. We interviewed Amy Koren-Roth and this is what she told us about her city and tour.

Who is Amy Koren-Roth?

I am a registered dietitian/nutritionist, who has worked in public health for 26+ years and want to continue my involvement with food in a new way. I have spent time in 31 countries and lived overseas for 6 years. When I returned to the States, I earned a master’s in community nutrition. I have lived in the Capital Region of New York for more than 22 years.

What made you open a food tour in Troy?

I wanted to combine my passions: food, travel and history, and share them with others. I keep up on new food venues, reading reviews, tasting to find my favorites and sharing recommendations with others. I was inspired by the more than 16 food tours I have taken around the country and the world and wanted to bring this unique experience to the Capital District for both residents and visitors to enjoy from May through October.

What is so special about Troy?

Troy is celebrating its bicentennial this year and has been called the New Brooklyn and the Silicone Valley of the 19th Century. In the mid-1800’s, it was the fourth wealthiest city per capita in the United States. While its fortunes waned in the 1900’s, they are on the rise again with the rise in popularity of new urbanism and the creative food entrepreneurs who are opening up shop. Troy has a rapidly expanding food scene and is a perfect walkable city to host culinary tourism.

Food scene key players:
•The Farmers’ Market is the number one draw to Troy’s vibrant Central Historic District. The Farmers’ Market has more than 80 food growers, food preparers, bakers and crafts people.
•Brown’s Brewing Company opened in the North River Street Historic District in 1993 and was the first craft brewery in NY’s Capital District. It was one of one hundred craft brewers in the country when it opened.
•New restaurants are opening up weekly and while Troy doesn’t have a defining food, though the creative chefs offer a range of ethnic cuisines, top-notch cuisine and interesting takes on food truck classics.

What makes your food tour unique?

At Taste of Troy we combine great food tastes with history, architecture and culture. We explore the amazing Troy Waterfront Farmers’ Market. During our experience we link our taste offerings to foods that have been served or available in Troy since the 1800’s and to some of the immigrant groups that settled here.

We pride our selves on supporting local businesses, three of them have women chefs and all of them use locally grown produce.

Tell us something about the tastings.

We start with hand rolled bagels and store salt cured lox from the Capital Region Living Magazine’s number one bagel shop in 2016; then we visit a tea shop to learn about tea and other infusions; then we are offered a salad and a riff on a Reuben Sandwich by one of our award winning female chefs; next we taste two craft beer flights, paired with an upstate NY classic – chicken wings, from the first craft brewer in the Capital Region and we end with delicious macaroons from our treatery, also an award winning female chef.

Alternate offerings are available for specific dietary needs (vegan, vegetarian and gluten free).

Sounds delicious, thanks Amy!

To learn more about Taste of Troy Food Tours Visit or email

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