Nevada Wine Tasting (Pahrump)

Posted August 23, 2014 | By Vickie Wilson

I am not a wine drinker; however, did go out to Pahrump Nevada to visit two family owned wineries in Pahrump – the Sanders Family Winery and the Pahrump Valley Winery.
Jack Sanders founded the first modern winery in Pahrump. The Sanders Family continues to be committed to hand crafting each wine to finesse and perfect balance, bringing out the best in each vintage varietal and proprietary blends.

The Sanders family has been growing grapes in Pahrump for nearly three decades. They have plays and concerts at their winery, so if you want to experience other activities offered outside of wine tasting – please visit their site for details.

Located in the beautiful and wild countryside of Pahrump Valley, the Pahrump Valley Winery offers free tours, picnic facilities and special events throughout the year. They also have Symphony’s restaurant, named after their gold medal winning wine of the same name. While they are a white linen restaurant, they want you to dine lavishly yet dress comfortably.

Both of the above wineries offer free wine tastings. If you are up for a drive, it’s an easy drive to Pahrump and a great way to spend a day outside of the city. If you are looking for a unique gift, both wineries allow personalized labels on the bottles.

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